About Us

Our Publication

Welcome to the monthly magazine of our professional towing and recovery service!

We are freely distributed to all our subscribers and a complimentary copy is available to all our customers.

Every month we publish advice and information for motorists of all stripes. We are here to assist the driver at the wheel, as much the one stranded at the roadside.

We feature hints and tips on how to stay safe whilst out on the road and how to deal with common situations and problems while motoring.

Our publication reaches over thirty thousand readers nationwide and covers everything the motorist needs to know about driving and transportation.

We pitch ourselves at the general motorist as much as the more specialized driver.

With a regular section dedicated to towing and RVs, we are frequently updated with help for caravanners and towers across the land.

Where to camp or the best routes to take with a heavy vehicle are all to be found in our monthly magazine and on this website.

We are a valuable resource for all motorists everywhere and provide important information for the stranded driver.

Our Mission

Our mission is driver safety and eliminating accidents from the road.

We are dedicated to promoting public awareness about good driving habits and education.

We do everything in our power to help the motorist make the right choices and to have a happy and above all safe journey.

Our tow service exists to help people out of difficult and trying situations and our magazine tries to prevent them from getting into those situations in the first place!

 Our Website

Our website is open to all as a free resource for help and services.

We are accessible to all users, regardless of whether they are customers with our service.

We encourage responsible road usership and want to help as many people as possible have a safe journey on our nation’s roads.

Bon Voyage!