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Are You Being Driven Insane By Your Passengers?

If hell is other people, then it’s probably situated behind the wheel of your car.

Whatever type of vehicle you own and wherever you are planning on driving to this summer, there is one factor you probably can’t change – your co-pilots.

See our handy checklist, for the most annoying road trip companions and how to survive them!


The backseat driver is God’s gift to motoring, they just never got around to passing their driving test.

Backseat drivers know every single point of the highway code backwards.

They are experts in telling you about every hazard on the road and a quite a few that aren’t there, either.


Even a trip to pick up some milk requires a map and a compass for this trying driver’s companion.

Road trips are a literal Armageddon, with every stop off and sight planned fifty years in advance.

Relax on the way there? Not a chance, you are adhering to a strict timetable which barely gives you time for a bathroom break.

You’re not so much taking in the Rockies as planning to invade Poland.

If only the trains were run like this.


Every motorist gets to experience the pleasure of transporting vomiting Veronica at least once in their driving career.

Whereas you can be sympathetic to anyone suffering from motion sickness, it may be less so when you are wearing their lunch in your hair.

If you are really unlucky, you will be co-piloting with this person. These hapless individuals never seem to know they going to be sick until after they’ve redecorated your upholstery with a tomato tapestry.


There’s no need to ask anyone! The expert navigator knows where he is going. The very suggestion that he might not will be met with a homicidal killing spree. Probably.

The Expert Navigator is nearly always a he and the chances are, you’re married to him.

Maps are a sign of weakness. The GPS is wrong.

It doesn’t matter that you set out on a beach holiday and can now see the Polar Ice Caps. He’s not lost.

Remember, it’s not a wrong turning, just the scenic route!

And how to survive those summer road trips?

  • Take a map and a SatNav if you have one.
  • Have plenty of water, drinks and snacks for long journeys.
  • Always take a First Aid kit/ emergency kit with you.
  • Never drive tired. Plan your journey so you do not drive for too long. Drink caffeinated drinks to stay alert.
  • Take plenty of rest breaks and have a nap if necessary.
  • Let everyone out of the car to regularly stretch their legs.
  • Take games, films, tablets and other distractions for your passengers to enjoy.
  • Have sickness tablets on board, some antiseptic wipes and a bucket!
  • Try and enjoy your road trip if possible!